Illustrated weddings.

Beautiful and bespoke albums that can be ordered in a variety of drawing techniques, and album covers. As these albums are handmade they can come in a variety of sizes ( A5 - A2) and can have anything from 8 drawings upwards. This gives you the ability to choose how many drawings you want and makes these albums also ideal as gifts for your parents or that special someone.

The process of making these albums starts with documenting your wedding day/occasion through photography (although other photographer's work can be used a great photo doesn't necessarily lead to a great drawing, so besides me knowing the result I want the experience of being there can't be substituted). After discussing and editing the photos (which you get to keep) and the preferred drawing style is decided all the drawing starts which usually takes less than two months.

The typical price is £4,000.00 (EUR4,700.00) which includes a leather album with embossed names,  about 30 drawings, photography of the day and all photos on a cd.